12 Ways to Earn Income as a PWAN Business Owner

1. Direct Recruitment Bonus

Every time you recruit a new PBO, you earn N7,200 only. Assuming a PBO personally recruits 120 PBOs. For 120 PBOs, she will earn N7,200×120=N864,000. She will also earn this when they renew.

2. Indirect Recruitment Bonus

This is in two levels Level 1 –  N5,760 Assuming the 120 PBOs above recruit 5 PBOs each, the PBO I talked about above can earn over N3m. 120×5×5,760 = N3,456,000 Level 2 – N2,880 In the second level of Indirect Commission, She can earn over N8m. 120×5×5×2,880 = N8,640,000

3. Direct Sales Commissions

This ranges from 5% to as high 15%. This is based on Personal Sales. If a PBO makes land sales of N10m for instance, he can earn over N1m as Commission less WHT (paid to the government). Please note that Direct Sales Commission can be as low as 5% or 10% depending on certain Sales Factors.

4. Indirect Sales Commissions

This is in three levels of 5%, 3% and 2%. This is based on sales made by PBOs recruited by you. A PBO with a large team can earn indirect commissions every day. Let’s see the 3 levels based on N10m sales in a year.

  • Level 1: 5×N10m÷100×5= N2,500,000
  • Level 2: 5×5×N10m÷100×3= N7,500,000
  • Level 3: 5×5×5×N10m÷100×2= N25,000,000

(All commission payments are made after a 5% WHT for Individuals or 10% for Companies) Please note that the above is for illustrative purpose. Terms and Conditions Apply.

5. Center Recruitment Bonus

A PBO who has 30 PBOs, five of which is recruited by him or her directly can request to run a center on behalf of the Group. As a center Owner, you earn N54,000 when 30 PBOs sign up through your center in a quarter. Quarters are

  • Jan, Feb, Mar
  • Apr, May, June
  • July, Aug, Sept
  • Oct, Nov., Dec

These new PBOs do not have to be under your team for you to earn this bonus.

6. Center Sales Bonus

Just like the previous one but this is based on sales of our landed properties. It is 1% of sales made by any PBO that signs up through a center and gets trained and mentored through that center. Terms and Conditions Apply.

7. Monthly Performance Bonus

This is for PBOs only. It is achieved on a monthly basis but paid after each quarter. To qualify for Monthly Performance Bonus, do your monthly home payment subscription with at least N15,000 only. As a VIP, you earn Monthly Performance Bonus if there are activities in your Team.

8. Annual Performance Bonus

This has been paid in the PWAN Group since 2016. Qualification was based on sales of our Estates but now will include PBO Subscription. A PBO who makes Sales of up to N15m and above in at least five Affiliates can qualify for the Group’s Annual Performance. Qualification Period is from January to December of each year and is announced on the 12th of March during the Group’s Annual Convention. Over 300 Partners have earned Performance Bonus since it was introduced in 2016. Other Terms and Conditions Apply.

9. PBO PV Bonus

Through Recruitment, Home Ownership Subscription and purchases from The PWAN Resource Center and Members Mart. Any PBO that subscribes with N150k has a Bonus Point and for every 100 PV he or she accumulates, he/she gets a Bonus point also. This is an Incentive that you can get by also upgrading to that level.
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10. PBO Elite/VIP Bonus

This is set aside for PBOs that start as Elites or VIPs. When you subscribe as Elite, you have 1 Bonus Point and when you subscribe as VIP, you have 10 Bonus Points and 1 VIP Point making 11 points. Every time an Elite or VIP accumulate 10 Bonus Points, he or she gets one VIP Point. This can be used for various needs when it accumulates.

11. Manager or Leadership Bonus

There are 3 Manager Leadership Levels Sapphire Manager Reward: N1.2m Cash and an All expense paid vacation for 2. Emerald Manager Reward: Rent Subsidy of N1.5m, N1.5m Cash making N3m and Car Fund of N6m.
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12. Directors Bonus

This is only for PBOs that reach the rank of Director over time. There are Two Director Levels.

  1. Diamond Director
  2. National Director

A PBO with just 3 Diamond Managers will be recognized as a Diamond Director. Rewards will be personally communicated. Terms and Conditions Apply.